MAC since its inception created excellent brand value among generations of doctors and patients. Our company has always emphasized on improving the lives of patients by providing healthcare at affordable prices. MAC is synonymous with the ‘Silence Please’ poster – a common feature in clinics all over India.Silence Please Poster

MAC launched many products for the first time in India. MAC established itself as a well-known brand and created a long-standing relationship with doctors and patients. Our company also introduced Lyophilised Chloramphenicol for the first time in India in the form of Chloramphenicol Sodium Succinate. It was marketed under the brand name of KEMICETINE, which  remains the No.1 brand in its category till today.

At MAC, we believe in promoting wellness and preventing illness. Hence, with pioneering efforts, our company launched nutraceutical products along with many other fast-moving drugs. Mac Remedies Private Limited now has a well-established portfolio of medicines in dermatology, antibiotics, anti-infective, generic drugs, food & dietary supplements. We take pride in our textbook brands and gold-standard products such as Benoquin, Neosoralen, Macsoralen and Kemicetine. Our spectrum of dosages include tablets, capsules, vegcaps, ointments, creams, lotions, syrups, dry syrups, suspensions and injectables. 

Product development and manufacturing is undertaken at various locations around India under the supervision of experienced QA and regulatory experts. Our active portfolio of products are ethically promoted to Doctors across India. MAC works with a network of distributors in India to ensure we reach our customers. Our company is proactive with regards to growing its business appropriately in this competitive market.

Driven by our focus on creating value for patients, consumers and healthcare professionals we are building other brands entering new therapeutic areas in the highly competitive environment. In our quest to consistently deliver effective therapies apart from the current segments covered, we plan to launch products in cardiovascular, diabetic and pain management segments.

 We are fast evolving our position in the pharmaceutical market and are creating an organisation which not only adds value to patients but also brings about a positive change in the healthcare industry. Our commitment goes beyond our business to encompass our society, our nation, our environment, our nation, our environment and our future generations.


To improve lives and build a healthy India by providing superior quality and cost-effective medicines to everyone.


To be a distinguished global pharmaceutical company that provides affordable and innovative solutions for healthcare and wellness.


  1. Quality: We are committed to providing the best quality medicines.
  2. Affordability: We aim to provide cost-effective medicines to everyone.
  3. Uniqueness: Our products are one of a kind. We use unique combinations to provide maximum health benefits to our customers.
  4. Continuous improvement: In pursuit of excellence we are constantly trying to improve our products