Ecomac Remedies, Mac Remedies

The idea of ECOMAC was envisioned in 2009 since its inception the guiding mantra has been “Affordable, Sustainable, Scalable” healthcare for all.  Ecomac was ideated as result of several rounds of discussions with patients, doctors, hospitals and media on the need for medicines that are affordable and good quality. We realized there was a huge gap in society that needed to be filled. Hence, we set up a ‘social enterprise‘ to address the issue. Ecomac is a social enterprise where ‘social’ is bigger than ‘enterprise’.

Ecomac was primarily created to address the issue of affordability in healthcare. Not just affordable medicines – the Lowest MRP medicines. Our aim was to create a sustainable ecosystem for providing affordable healthcare to those who need it. In our opinion, healthcare is not a privilege it is everyone’s right. We strongly believe in happiness and healthcare for all. We believe in a healthy India.

Our product portfolio comprises of the most commonly prescribed fast-moving drugs by doctors such as anti-infectives, analgesics, anti-diabetics, anti-hypertensives, anti-allergics, anti-depressants, preparations for cough & cold, nutraceutical products, etc. in a variety of dosage forms in oral tablets, topical formulations and injectable drugs. 

We firmly believe that “Quality is a Culture” and is pivotal to every step of the manufacturing process. Quality doesn’t always cost much. At every stage of manufacturing, we have Quality Control/Assurance checks beginning with bulk drugs, to excipients to packaging and finished formulations. Chemical and Biochemical analysis are conducted and documented using highly sophisticated as well as modern instruments like HPLC, GC, UV, are conducted as per specified pharmacopeial requirement. Our qualified and skilled personnel are the keystone of our quality assurance.

Our products are manufactured at WHO-GMP facilities using modern equipment compliant with strict air and water standards. Every product is manufactured under the supervision of qualified and experienced technical and scientific personnel. All precautions are taken to ensure products of optimum quality and efficacy.